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Giclee Print Prices

(Prints are offered in different sizes due to the difference in the original sizes. If you would like a different size than is listed please discuss it with me.)

Nativity Gaze, Star Dust, Iris Salute, Calla Nirvana, Star Search, Star Rapture, Star Dust -2, Star Dust-3, Tiger Lily, Lily, Tiger Lily 2, First Dance, Still Dancing, Last Dance - 12”x16”  -  $65.00

Iris Arabesque, Iris Embrace, Calla Birth, Iris Beginnings, Star Promenade, Bashful Lily, Heartful Lily, Richard’s Lily, Iris Study 1, Amarillis - 18”x24”  - $140.00.

White Lily and Starburst - 18”x23” - $135.00

Tiger Blossom and Daffy - 18”x23.75" - $140.00

Bud and Blossom - 18”x22.25” - $130.00

Homogenous - 21”x29” - $230.00

Guardian - 17”x23” - $150.00

Dreamer - 19”x23” - $170.00

Night Eagle Dancer - 21”x29.5" - $230.00

Gloucester - 16”x20” - $130.oo

 (All Shipping charges and tax that apply will be added to all purchases.)

(Actual image size is 2” less in length and width for all prints listed above. All sizes listed are paper size. One inch of white space is added all around for matting purposes. Only acid free print papers are used .)

Caring For Your Giclees

A giclee print is a computer generated print that is produced by the spraying of ink onto a high quality paper or canvas.

You should treat your Giclee prints and canvases the same way you do your original art. How you frame and take care of your prints will affect the life of the image. You should not display your art in areas with a lot of UV light or high heat and humidity.

When framing quality Giclees make sure your framer uses archival products. This will help to keep them looking good for a long, long time. Do not frame paper Giclees behind glass for at least 24 hours after printing to allow for outgassing, which is the release of fumes from the drying inks. Always use mattes or spacers to keep the print from touching the glass. You should never permanently attach prints to backing boards. Use acid free corner holders or cloth, artist tape hinges.