My medium of choice is charcoal for many reasons. In using the combination of charcoal sticks and pencils, an assortment of erasers and blending tools, I am able to achieve the darkest blacks, the brightest highlights and every shade in between. By doing this, I hope that my flowers will appear as though they are popping off the page. Also, by using only black and white the mind is left open to a wide array of colors.

My process begins with the selection of a flower that has the desired qualities such as grace, uniqueness, charm, elegance and the potential of offering a pleasing composition. Next, I spotlight my subject and do a light sketch and begin to darken my background and certain areas of the flower. The background is darkened three times and other areas are carefully avoided or lightened with erasers. A fixative is applied after each stage. As I intermittently travel between darkening and lightening, an image begins to emerge as though out of the ashes. Before I am finished with the process, I have witnessed the life and death of a flower. From this point, working from memory, I will capture the flower’s essence.


I was born in Barstow, California in 1959, the fourth of seven children, and now live in Green Bay, WI. My formal studies began in 1979 at the University of Wisconsin, West Bend, in Commercial Art. I continued those studies at UW- Oshkosh in 1981. I later attended UW-Green Bay from 1992 through 1995 and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and The Arts, emphasis in Graphic Art.

In 1996 I accepted my first Graphic Artist position at Promotional Designs, Green Bay, WI and later worked for Colortech of Wisconsin. Soon I abandoned Graphic Art and my love for fine art took a front seat as I began to work from home. I have worked in a number of mediums: water color, pen and ink, acrylic, oil, pencil, pastel and charcoal. Subjects enjoyed are botanical, portraits including Native American, landscapes, animals and angels.

In 1994 I began creating large drawings of flowers in charcoal, which has become one of my passions. My flowers, usually 30”x 42” or larger, seem to take on a personality of their own as they pose gracefully, sensually and confidently in the spot light. Presently my work resides in over 30 private collections and one permanent art collection. 


Sweet Lips Art and Gift Gallery, Lake Mills, WI , 2011

Harmony Cafe, green gay, WI 2010

Oconomowoc Festival of the Arts, Oconomowoc, WI, 2010

Art Fair on the Square, Madison, WI 2010

Fountain Square Arts Festival, Evanston,

Portal Online Gallery, 2010

John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, WI, 2010

gallery 13, Minneapolis, MN, 2009

Uptown Art Fair, Minneapolis, MN, 2009

Edina Art Fair, Edina, MN, zoog

Art Fair on the Square, Madison, WI ,200g

Fountain Square Arts Festival, Evanston, IL, 2009

Chalk Farm gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2009

Flanders Contemporary Art, Minneapolis,MN, 2007-2009

The East Hampton Fine Arts Festival, Amagansett, NY

John Michael Kohler Arts Center-Arts Festival,

Sheboygan, WI , 2007

The Art garage, green gay, WI, 2007

Wisconsin Arts Gallery, Green Bay, WI, lgg6-lggg

Alpaca Pete's, Ephraim, WI,

cupola House, Egg Harbor, WI, 1995-1996

The Red Barn, Sister gay, WI, 1995-1996

Lawton gallery, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay,

1994 1995 


Three purchase awards, 1994,

University of Wisconsin- Green Bay,

University Union Permanent Art Collection

Honorable Mention, 1995,

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

Top 10%, 2009,

Uptown Arts Festival, Minneapolis, MN


Original Cover Art, 1996-1997, Northeastern Wisconsin Technical College, Green Bay

NWTC Adult Continuing Education Magazines:

Winter/Spring 1996, Summer 1996, Fall 1996, and Winter/Spring 1997

NWTC Annual Report 1995-1996